Bus Station in Sysert
Bus Station in Sysert
5 000 €
3 months
420 000 €
6 months
Area: 350 m².

Location: Sverdlovsk Oblast, Sysert City.

The basis of the project is built on minimalism and the functionality of layout solutions. The old bus station has lost its purpose and become morally outdated. The passenger complex will serve the nearby settlements and serve as a transfer point for intra-city routes. The bus station has become a progressive element in the development of the city of Sysert.

Customer's Request: Develop a conceptual design for the bus station, as the old station has lost its function. Style: Modern Minimalism.

Project Idea: Create a functional transportation connection with Yekaterinburg and other nearby settlements through architecture. Color Palette: Brown, Black, Gray, White.

Current Project Stage: Installation of glass facades, overhead structures above the platform. Construction of internal brick walls, preparation for finishing touches.
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