Cottage in Yekaterinburg
Cottage in Yekaterinburg
1 000 €
3 days
Area: 120 m².

Location: Yekaterinburg, Koltsovsky Trakt.
Type: single-story residential house.

Client's request: to create a facade solution for a country house. The structure is designed for a large family and includes 2 bedrooms, a kitchen-living room, a terrace, a garage, a workshop, a sauna, and a bathroom.

Style: modern minimalism.

Project idea: The house will be assembled from ready-made wooden panels. The construction of the house consists of transverse and horizontal beams covered with metal panels, and the walls are filled with mineral wool insulation.
As of today, metal piles are being screwed into the ground, as the plot is located on rocky terrain, and there are no issues with the structural strength. The house is almost assembled and will soon be transported to the site for final assembly.

Current project stage: development of interior designs for the two bedrooms and the kitchen-living room, selection of stylistic solutions.
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