Mid-Century Interior Design
Mid-Century Interior Design
1 000 €
1 month
36 000 €
3 months
The project's task is to create the atmosphere of the 1950s-60s using materials and furniture elements. When contemplating the interior, one experiences a full immersion into the America of the 1950s. The interior features vibrant tonal relationships, interesting decor, and clear geometric wall patterns.

Apartment: 2 rooms, 60 m².
Location: Moscow, Nizhegorodskaya metro station.
Property Type: Apartment in a new building.
Client's Request: Complete turnkey interior design in the 'Mid-century modern' style.
Main Goal: Create coziness and reflect the era of the 1950s-60s through materials like wood, fabric, and metal.
Style: Mid-century modern.
Project Idea: Make everyday life comfortable, add bright colors, create a unique furniture design, and incorporate a touch of futurism.
Color Palette: Beige, brown, yellow, green, white.
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