development of the park and promenade near the Uralhydromash plant
Development of the park and promenade near the Uralhydromash plant in Sysert
1 month
6 months
Area: 25,380 m².

Location: Sysert, Karl Liebknecht Ulitsa.

Type: landscaping.

Client's Request: Develop landscaping for the park and promenade near the Uralhydromash plant, which is overgrown with wild vegetation, and the area is prone to flooding in spring. The goal is to create optimal conditions for active recreation for the city's residents and an atmosphere of relaxation surrounded by nature.

Style: modern European.

Project Concept: The aim is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for city dwellers. New road surfaces have been installed on piles to prevent flooding. The project includes streetlights, garbage bins, and benches for leisure. Facilities for active recreation, such as a cycling track, sports and children's playgrounds, are incorporated. Visitors can also spend quality time at exhibition stands showcasing the plant's history and at the water amphitheater. The project's highlight and attraction point is a station for catamaran rides, offering a scenic view of nature. The natural landscape is preserved in its pristine state, with approximately 50 trees and shrubs planted.

Current Project Stage: Design and approval of the budget for implementation.
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