Improvement of the square and adjacent streets
Improvement of the square and adjacent streets in Shchyuchye City
16 700 €
3 months
725 000 €
1 year
Area: 2.57 hectares.

Location: Shchyuchye City, 1 Victory Square.

Shchyuchye City is planning a large-scale transformation.

The project includes:
Roller skating area for summer
Ice skating rink for winter
New benches, trash bins, and streetlights
New bus stops
Two-story coffee shop
Amphitheater with canopies

The park improvement features special non-slip, seamless floor tiles with integrated LED strips that adjust to pedestrian flow and create a magical atmosphere in the evening.
The main highlight of the project is the green islands with trendy deconstructivist smooth shapes. The cultural center will have 9 swings integrated into the existing playground.
In the future, a new church is planned near the park. Additionally, the city will have its first eco-parking lot with 36 spaces, including 2 for people with disabilities. The eco-parking lot involves the use of grass grids to purify the air and prevent asphalt pollution.
The streets Victory Square and Sovetskaya will undergo complete restoration according to the newly developed city design code while preserving their historical appearance.
How to work with a designer and plan the renovation step by step. We have prepared a free guide that will help you understand how to make the renovation comfortable, fast, and cost-effective.